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Your Wattanapong Kongkeaw and the KD-Export & Webdesign Team Thailand.

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Thank you for your interest and for contacting us!

If you are interested in our numerous Thai products or professional web design, we will be happy to send you a personal offer. Please provide us with your contact details and, for the desired products, a URL from our online shop or the item number. Please also note our minimum order quantities.

We have been working in Thailand for many years and are happy to take care of production, packaging, professional shipping including the necessary paperwork for export from Thailand. Shipping from "Door to Door", or also from Thailand to a port near you is possible.

We distinguish between air freight, which is faster but only favourable for relatively light or small products such as tea or toothpaste, and sea freight in containers. Please let us know your wishes when you contact us.

Thank you very much!

Your team from KD-Export Thailand