Pillows, Mats

Cushions and mats in typical style: Thailand's best

These mats and Thai cushions are classics that are already among Thailand's most popular goods because of their designs, beautiful colours and patterns and their natural filling of kapok seeds. With these mats and cushions from Thailand, the aesthetic sense gets its money's worth, but the benefits of these products should also be mentioned, of course. For resting, leaning and meditating or for daily yoga practice: these charming products are used everywhere. The selection of triangular cushions alone is remarkable. Here, the customer can choose from a variety of beautiful colours and motifs. How about a triangular cushion in a strong orange or a discreet green? The Thai elephant also finds its appreciation and representation here. It adorns the Thai cushions in various ways. Sometimes it appears in pink, then in red, a beautiful sight in any case!

Mats for the floor or meditation

Mats from Thailand are also attractive and useful at the same time and decorate the home or a yoga studio. These products are available in a four-layer quality that makes meditating on the floor a pleasure. These models also feature powerful colours and impressive patterns that add a striking accent to any setting. Orange or black, there are diverse colours - and all of them are beautiful! The yoga mats are also cult. When you spread them out, the joy of gentle movements arises of its own accord. Whether they have flowers on them or are plain: Doing yoga on such a mat is twice the fun. Glamour and charm, grace and the courage to use strong colours - these products stand for Thailand and its culture and bring a touch of Asia into every home.